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Fillies Parents and Players -- Here is the information for collection of uniforms and handing out awards and certificates for our players.  Please make sure you are there during the window of time we have been provided and follow the directions as best you can.


Tuesday, May 5th             2:00 – 5:00 pm                        Bus lane leading to Main Gym

Location:  Collecting items by the circle drive area outside the main gym

  • IF the Bus Lane is crowded, families will be directed to pull into the parking lot and turn right heading towards the tennis courts and then make a left to head towards the west drive and start lining up as they approach the drop-of area.
  • No more than 1 or 2 people out of the car at a time per team.  Each team will have an area to collect uniforms  along the bus lane. We do not want a crowd around a uniform drop off area.



1)    All Coaches MUST wear facial masks

2)    Place items directly into bins, bags, or other storage containers when checking in. 

3)    If you are collecting items and placing them in containers to sort through or wash at a later time, you MUST keep the items in the containers for at least 4 days before touching them again.

4)    Make sure there is proper social distancing taking place and only have 1 or 2 athletes out of their cars at any given time.  Others should wait in their car until other athletes leave the area.

5)    Family members who will be collecting awards or dropping off items please wear a facial covering for the safety of coaches.

6)    Players are NOT TO GATHER AND SOCIALIZE!!!

7)    Players will receive awards and certificates after uniforms are handed in.

8)    Reminder - you get to keep pregame shirt and socks, we are not collecting those items.

BOTTOM LINE……… minimize risk as much as possible.  Limit the number of athletes & parents that are out of their cars at any one time.

Thanks and please be safe,
Coach Stengren

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